Differentiate using our
customizable SoC IP

Best-in-class SoC IPs cover a wide range of applications from
Embedded, AI, Networking to Enterprise markets.

Connectivity IP

Interlaken IP SubSystem

High speed chip-to-chip interface protocol with scalable bandwidth, low latency and reliable data transfer over serial links. The latest generation supports up to 1.2Tbps bandwidth with support for NRZ and PAM4 serial links. Learn more

Die-to-Die IP SubSystem

Die-to-Die Controller IP offers unique value proposition in terms of low power, high throughput and low latency links enabling faster time to integration for heterogenous chiplet connections in wired communications, AI and HPC applications. Learn more

USB IP SubSystem

Full range of USB controllers supporting USB2.0/USB3.0/USB3.1 gen1 and gen2 in device mode of operation. Supports AXI interface and in-built DMA features.Learn more

Ethernet IP SubSystem

Comprehensive portfolio of fully configurable multi-channel, multi-rate Ethernet MAC, PCS, and FEC IP. Support for OIF FlexE in addition to IEEE802.3 standard for data center applications.Learn more

Memory Interface IP

HBM2/2E IP Subsystem

The HBM2/2E IP is suitable for applications involving graphics, high-performance computing, high-end networking, and communications that require very high bandwidth, lower latency and more density. Learn more